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CK Cleaner

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CKQS Cleaner

The scraper of this type of cleaner is a new type of polymer composites with high elasticity and toughness, excellent wear resistance, good temperature resistance and mechanical performance after being modified. Meanwhile the scraper is nonflammable, resistant to oil, acids and organic solvent and has good environmental adaptability and high performance. CK cleaners can be divided into 2 types: I light type and II heavy type. I type is mainly used in belt conveyor with low and medium speed while II type is mainly used in wider belt and higher speed conveyors.

Main features:
● Scraper poses no damage to belt;
● The scraper won’t become dull even after friction so it can always clean the belt;
● The scraper can be generally used and replaced easily;
● Compact structure, small size and easy to adjust and maintain.