Proprietary Technology

By holding the banner of innovation, Chengke founded Technology Department at the very beginning of its establishment and organized R&D center in Tianjin and Guangzhou one after another along with the corporate enlargement. Our R&D team can complete belt conveyor design, tech retrofit and develop innovative products. Until the end of 2013, we have obtained 81 patents such as Adaptive Adjusting Device of Belt Conveyor (Patent No. ZL200810053693.5), Inversed- V Self-alignment Device (Patent No. ZL200710057645.9), Heavy Composite Buffer Bed (Patent No.: ZL201120482294.8), CK Elastic Counterweight Cushioning Device (Patent No: ZL200720097044.6) and On-site Displaying and Commanding System (Patent No. ZL201020582948.X),of which, there are 21 invention patents .